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In the not-for-profit world there is a constant challenge to do more with less. Global economic uncertainty, changing government funding policies and continuing flat or negative business sentiment is all impacting on reduced revenue streams. Stretching resources to keep up with demand is an ever-increasing challenge. Funding challenges are also coupled with increasing amount of scrutiny as donors and other funders expect detailed reports on the impact of their charitable dollars.

Relying on traditional funding channels (bequests, major gifts, events) is not enough. Emphasis is now on acquisition and retention marketing strategies combined with interactive technologies to reach new supporters and engage with existing supporters.

Passion is essential, but it is those that combine emotional commitment with highly specialised skills, niche experience and savvy business acumen that are in high demand. This requires the ability to carefully manage donor relations whilst realising innovative independent revenue streams. Our Not-for-profit specialists understand these challenges and the unique character that is required to succeed in this sector. With top tier relationships across the sector, we can connect you with professionals who are uniquely qualified and energised to strengthen your organisation.

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