Innovative talent acquisition and assessment

As the war for talent accelerates and the landscape evolves, organisations face significant challenges. We all have an important role to play in a business world full of uncertainty and mounting performance pressure. Businesses undergoing transformation and change need to adapt quickly and having the right talent can often be the defining factor to success.

At Six Degrees we have an innate ability to nurture an active and deep talent bench which sets us apart. Our role is to unearth talent capable of shaping future success, where both the individual and the organisation flourishes.

Knowing that people power successful organisations, Six Degrees Talent Consulting will help you align your talent strategy with your business’ long-term strategy, while mitigating risk with a flow of talent and informed intelligence to help you deliver to plan.

Talent Pipelining

Talent Pipelining services solve critical talent challenges by engaging talent proactively and continually using our comprehensive research methodology. Pipelining is critical for future business success; it reduces time to fill and therefore potential revenue loss associated with having a position vacant. It is about being future ready in a world that is constantly changing. It will provide your business with a competitive advantage through engaging with the right talent now, who will become your future leaders.

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Talent Mapping

Six Degrees Talent Mapping solutions will give you a helicopter view of the current talent landscape. We utilise in-depth market intelligence and conduct a confidential analysis of talent pools, which enables us to assess what available talent is suitable. This process reveals the big picture to our clients, saving time, money and mitigating risk.

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Talent Assessment

The identification and assessment of talent has been at our core for the last 13 years and we have helped businesses realise the power of people through our methodologies and experience.

Six Degrees Talent Assessment is a tailored service utilising advanced assessment techniques to benchmark existing talent against a prescribed set of competencies. We believe every assignment is unique, and by combining the right mix of expertise and know how our ability to deliver the right outcome is significantly enhanced.

A team of experienced consultants will utilise a range of techniques, enabling a holistic, 360˚ talent assessment which will determine a suitability against your long-term business objectives, culture and organisational values.

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Talent Projects

Talent acquisition and access has changed in fundamental ways in recent years; technology, the presence of global talent markets, new ways of working, the growing importance of social media, the role of employment brands and how talent is engaged are a few.

To be the masters at unearthing talent means we have to evolve ahead of the curve. There is no one size fits all when it comes to our clients’ needs which is why have developed an offering of bespoke talent projects. We have deep knowledge and go beyond the data to keep ahead of trends. In each of our core sectors we have teams of experts including consultants and researchers who can be utilised on a project basis.

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