The identification and assessment of talent has been at our core for the last 13 years and we have helped businesses realise the power of people through our methodologies and experience.

Six Degrees Talent Assessment is a tailored service utilising advanced assessment techniques to benchmark existing talent against a prescribed set of competencies. We believe every assignment is unique, and by combining the right mix of expertise and know how our ability to deliver the right outcome is significantly enhanced.

A team of experienced consultants will utilise a range of techniques, enabling a holistic, 360˚ talent assessment which will determine a suitability against your long-term business objectives, culture and organisational values.


  • We provide rich insights which will help your business make informed hiring decisions and the ability to develop senior talent, including identification of strengths and blind spots.
  • Our analysis helps organisations understand internal capability, motivations, performance and potential skill gaps that may inhibit the delivery of results.
  • The analysis lends itself to leadership development, retention and solving the problem of “do we have the best talent?”


  • Clear briefing process to ensure we have immersed ourselves in the business context.
  • Core competency analysis and agreement on critical skills, experience, knowledge and interpersonal skills.
  • A face-to-face assessment where career background, experience and skills are explored in great detail.
  • Tailored psychometric profiling to gain a deeper understanding of the individual.
  • In-depth 360˚ reference checks.
  • Detailed report and analysis describing the person’s characteristics, strengths and fit for role as well as developmental needs and longer term potential.
  • Feedback and coaching sessions.


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