Talent Mapping is a strategic tool that assists HR specialists and Boards to plan for long-term talent acquisition. The strategy is carried out by compiling on-going research and intelligence about other organisations and the talent within the industry.

Six Degrees Talent Mapping solutions will give you a helicopter view of the current talent landscape. We utilise in-depth market intelligence and conduct a confidential analysis of talent pools, which enables us to assess what available talent is suitable. This process reveals the big picture to our clients, saving time, money and mitigating risk.


  • Succession planning strategies, where we help you identify and cultivate individuals ready to ‘step up’ ensuring business continuity and minimised risk.
  • Provide you with a big picture of the market, as well as identifying potential talent that exists across target organisations.
  • Diversity planning where we help you identify talent internally and establish relationships with talent in the market that meets your diversity needs.
  • Our mapping service can be used by businesses whose internal recruitment team lacks the capacity or specialist skills to properly assess talent.
  • Market analysis and information to assess the likelihood of success of a full search process.
  • A competitor analysis, which includes information such as salary data, and understanding who is in the market and what they are doing to attract top talent.
  • Utilise the existing networks and data Six Degrees has built over the last 13 years.


  • A detailed briefing process, which includes a deep dive into your business objectives, short-term requirements and long-term talent strategy.
  • Our experienced team identify talent through a range of sophisticated research methodologies.
  • Comprehensive reports are developed providing the client with in-depth knowledge of the talent available.

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