Talent Pipelining services solve critical talent challenges by engaging talent proactively and continually using our comprehensive research methodology. Pipelining is critical for future business success; it reduces time to fill and therefore potential revenue loss associated with having a position vacant. It is about being future ready in a world that is constantly changing. It will provide your business with a competitive advantage through engaging with the right talent now, who will become your future leaders.


  • Development of an engaged talent ‘bench’ and access to an ‘on demand’ pipeline of top talent, keeping you ahead of unexpected vacancies and reducing time to hire.
  • Shift from reactive recruitment to the development of a proactive talent pipeline. Have access to the right talent at the right time, allowing your business to take future business into consideration and act quickly to market changes and challenges.
  • Capture critical data such as skills, qualifications, experience, remuneration expectations, cultural fit and potential attraction strategies to recruit talent into your business.
  • Build relationships with top tier talent and engage when you are ready.
  • Our Talent Pipelining service can be used by businesses whose internal talent team lacks the capacity or specialist skills to deliver ongoing research and givens them the ability to tap into our passive talent pools.
  • Utilise the existing networks and data Six Degrees has been built over the last 13 years.


  • We work alongside your leaders and develop a comprehensive brief, agreeing on all parameters.
  • Through comprehensive research and search methodologies, we then identify who the right people are, helping you understand their aspirations and motivations and what it will take to get them into your business.
  • We help shape and manage perceptions and promote your Employee Value Proposition.
  • We build relationships on your behalf and actively nurture a vibrant network of high achieving career aspirants and introduce them to your business. Being strategic, supportive and engaging creates a network of individuals who feel connected and valued.


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