Services sector - Job market update

By Paul Hallam

Published on 01-01-2013


Six Degrees Owner & Director, Paul Hallam, provides an insightful update on the current job market.

Having recruited senior marketing roles in this space for numerous years, he is at the forefront of changes as they take place.

Global economic uncertainty slowed the rate of employment growth within services organisations across the back half of 2011, particularly in marketing. In many ways, this has translated through to the beginning of 2012, with the number of new opportunities fewer than at this time in previous years. While this can be attributed to the time of year in part, it has been compounded by numerous corporates across services categories such as (but not limited to) banking, financial services and telecommunications, that have adopted a 'cautious' approach to the year. With recent announcements for recruitment 'go-slows' or headcount reductions such as that of ANZ and Westpac, we have seen increased downward pressure on marketing opportunities available at mid to senior level.

Contrary to all negative reports however, it's not all 'doom & gloom'. There are some services organisations in the midst of large organisational change and transformation programs, which has created great opportunities for senior marketers. Many of the large services marketing structures have changed recently (e.g. rotation between centralised / decentralised models, or the introduction / removal of segment marketing teams), and this has created the need for specific marketing skillsets that some of these organisations don't have internally. In particular we have seen an increased demand for talent in segment marketing / strategy, and channel marketing / development.

Additionally, the prolific rise of digital as a discipline is seeing most organisations re-deploying marketing resources in an attempt to build capability. We have seen the number of specific digital marketing roles increase significantly month on month since June 2011. For candidates with experience in this space, it represents an area of opportunity.

However you see it, there's no doubt it will be an interesting year for all marketers employed in the services sector.

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