Six Degrees of ... Lyndsey Walker

By Lyndsey Walker

Published on 16-01-2016

Lyndsey Walker

Who am I?

Lyndsey Walker, Taurus, Geelong supporter, AFL only! IT geek husband at NAB, unruly 7yo stepson Sam who has turned into a kleptomaniac (used to be lovely). Used to run marathons, now terribly unfit. Biggest love of my life is my golden retriever Hugo.

If I was an animal, I would be a ….. and why?

I’d be my dog – he lives the dream, is totally spoiled and gets his way all the time. He also has zero anxiety unless its dinner time.

My Mr Men/Little Miss alter ego would be … and why?

I’d be the girl version of Mr Bump. I have no spacial awareness and haven’t had a year (in 35 years) that hasn’t resulted in hospital admittance.

Before joining Six Degrees, I ….

Started recruitment at Michael Page, worked in Not-for-Profit prior to that, and before that, I was a cabin manager for Virgin Australia for 7 years. Fondly referred to as hostie, trolley dolly, or my personal favourite – Cart Tart.

The scope of my current role / desk...

My desk is split contract/perm – I look after everything NFP, education, health, govt. and at the moment, services as well.

 My procrastination buster is…

The best procrastination buster is to get outside and get some fresh air to clear your head!

My favourite thing to spend money on...

Definitely holidays. If I could go on a holiday right now i'd be lying on a beach in Tahiti... ahhhh!