Get in ‘The Go Zone’

By Mike Dickson

Published on 04-03-2016

The go zone - Mark McKeon

Want to increase productivity, efficiency and wellbeing?

Six Degrees Executive hosted our first Thought Leadership event of the year on Thursday at the Establishment in Sydney.

Last year the whole Six Degrees team participated in a training course and we were so impressed with the content, we knew that we had to get our clients access to this program. We were lucky enough to have Mark McKeon, who designed the program, as our keynote speaker for our first event of the year. Mark, a former AFL high performance coach and successful author, specialises in leadership development, resilience and workplace effectiveness, and came to share his program - ‘The GO ZONE’.

What is the Go Zone?

The Go Zone is described by Mark as an elevated level of thought, behaviour and action that can be available to us when we need to be at our best. The Go Zone can be used to maximise performance and achieve desired outcomes and goals.

There are three main stages of work performance  in The Go zone:

The Go Zone

A mental state of total focus and optimisation, where tasks are treated solely in the present and all distractions become oblivious. This is the optimal state for performance and concentration with a focus on time limitation in order to remain efficient and effective.

The Slow Zone

A zone of scattered focus that while not completely unproductive, does lack the direction and efficiency of The Go Zone and is best used for simpler tasks such as administration. Mark believes that this is where we are most likely to be “flapping around in a mediocre state, wearing our business as a badge of honour”.

The No Zone

This is a state of mind where you are completely “tapped out”. This is the ultimate unproductive zone where you allow yourself to become enveloped in something other than work, such as your favourite activity or movie.

There is a lot of emphasis on stress as a problem, but Mark’s belief is that “stress is not the problem, the problem is lack of recovery”. The Go Zone introduces short, sharp bursts of focus in your routine which are balanced by times of recovery spent in The No Zone.

Some of the key takeaways of The Go Zone are as follows:

  • Think of yourself as an athlete
  • When it comes to achieving your goals and success, choose your pain – the pain of discipline or the pain of mediocrity
  • Go to bed tired, do not go to bed stressed.

The most important message Mark delivered was his focus on people. We should all realise the impact we can have on each other daily. We must enjoy our careers, not endure them.

The team at Six Degrees have made Mark’s tools and mantra part of our daily routine for over six months, and benefited immensely, feeling the positive impact on our productivity and wellbeing.