Corporate social responsibility - the foundation of what a company stands for

By Alexandra Matthews

Published on 11-07-2016

Corproate Social Responsibility and the Six Degrees Team

Six Degrees has a strong commitment to giving back to the community. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy encourages our team to get involved and support the broader community, either as individuals or as a team.

Recently, we volunteered at the St Kilda Police and Citizen’s Youth Club (PCYC), a not for profit organisation who work with teens in crisis through the provision of recreational, sporting, cultural and welfare programs and housing. This experience not only allowed us to support those in need but brought the team together with a shared purpose.

How we gave back

PCYC owns a house two doors down from the gym. As the young people they work with may be homeless, or living in difficult circumstances, the house is a crucial part of their service. Young people can stay here safely long term, and access support in their own time.

Two rooms in the house were in a state of disrepair, and without government support, there were no funds available to repair them. This is where we could assist. Our staff participated in three working bees to renovate and refurbish the rooms, and provided additional support to allow tradespeople to action works to bring the rooms up to code.

This activity will be life changing for two young people who are experiencing homelessness, providing them not only with the basic need of shelter, but also “dignity, respect, care, opportunity and a SAFE space to help them break the cycle and have a real chance to live a full, positive, life.”

We believe that CSR is not just about being a good corporate citizen anymore, rather the foundation of what a company stands for. We were fortunate to partner with Igniting Change on this project, a small organisation that is passionate about sparking big, positive change with people doing it tough in our communities.

Should you or your organization be interested in partnering on similar projects, we encourage you to get involved and get in touch with them.

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