Refresh your resume and get noticed

By Sarah Scott

Published on 28-03-2017

Resume advice

"Focus on the core problem your business solves and put out lots of content and enthusiasm and ideas about how to solve that problem," Laura Fitton, founder of Twitter app store.

For successful mid-senior professionals, with considerable experience in the industry, Fitton’s advice also has relevance when thinking about the problem of solving how to structure and what to put in your resume.

The most engaging resumes we receive here at Six Degrees are the ones that not only say what they DO but also what they have ACHIEVED throughout their career to date.

Importantly, these resumes give us clear insight and understanding of key skills and knowledge that may match our clients’ expectations.

Match your resume to the job opportunity

Reading resumes that incorporate and tailor relevant keywords, terminology, and key phrases to reflect the outline of the role you have applied for (and correctly match your skills) makes it easier for us to identify the specific qualities we are hiring for.

Drawing again from your inbuilt knowledge, it’s always reassuring to see evidence within a resume that you have taken the time to do some research beyond the prospective company, by identifying products, challenges, or competitors that align with previous experience and achievements.

Being clear in writing (and confident at the interview) about the successes you've achieved for your current or previous companies are highly desirable within a resume. All great goals are measurable! We will measure your suitability and fit for the job by the details and results you clearly outline in your resume.

Basics to include in your resume

In preparing your CV, there are some fundamentals you should include to put your application in the best light.

  • Be concise. Bullet points are better than paragraphs (Steve Jobs whose average PowerPoint slides had 40 words)
  • Expert appeal. Ditch the “Executive Summary” or “Career Objective” word count and tell us about areas of expertise you have come to excel in throughout your career.
  • Get personal. It’s ok to express some personality in your writing style.
  • Professional match. It looks much better when your LinkedIn profile is consistent with your CV. Enough said.
  • The unteachable. You can’t learn to love what you do. Talent with a genuine passion for their industry are authentic and exactly what our clients are looking for.
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