5 reasons why a great brief shouldn’t take a back seat in contracting recruitment

By Natalie Rogers

Published on 04-05-2017

Natalie Rogers
As a contacting recruitment consultant, I often have clients call me in a time of desperation. When the question is asked, “when do you need this person to start?” their response is always “YESTERDAY!”

Sometime this urgency can act as a barrier to finding the organisation the best interim talent. No matter how well networked or highly skilled a recruiter is, at the end of the day we don’t know your business or the role better than you, therefore, we need an in-depth brief to find you the best talent. Investing an extra 20-30 minutes at the beginning of a process can save hours down the line managing a misunderstood brief.

When we are speaking with talent, that is highly active in the market and often considering multiple opportunities, we want to best represent your brand and talk to them about why this three-month contract role is a GREAT option for them to consider. The best way for us to do this is for us to have a clear understanding of the role, your requirements and your business.

Outside of the basic role requirements, what are the must haves for a clear brief?

Articulate the project and the deliverables

It’s great to be able to provide a position description, but what will this person specifically be responsible for delivering within the contract period? Will they be working on an exciting project that will make this opportunity more enticing?

Be clear about the challenges the person will encounter in the role

Will they have to work with difficult stakeholders? Tight timelines? Managing multiple conflicting priorities? This kind of information will help us to identify the right candidate for the role.

Describe the culture of the organisation and team

Again, this will help us to identify candidates who will be best suited to the organization, as well as helping us to sell the employment brand and give candidates a clear understanding of what they are stepping into.

Is this role likely to be extended or made permanent?

We often have candidates say to us – “I wouldn’t look at a three-month contract, unless it was for the right role or company”. So, if you have that right role (despite the fact it is only a contract) and there is the opportunity to stay in the business longer term, it could be enough to get some great talent over the line.

What are the benefits of this contract?

Why should a candidate choose this role over another? Can you offer flexibility in working hours? Tools of the trade? Free onsite parking? All these things make a difference in the eyes of a candidate and the more we can articulate this for you, the better we can sell in a role.

If you would like more information on the benefits of contracting, get in touch with specialist consultant Natalie Rogers.