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A quality Board with talented Directors improves an organisation’s ability to grow and thrive. With Boards playing a such a critical role in the corporate performance, governance, management, and strategic direction of an organisation, we understand the importance of appointing the right Board members. 

Six Degrees Executive identifies and sources director-level talent by leveraging rigorous search methodologies and years of executive search experience. We methodically assess Board member effectiveness to unearth candidates with a diverse blend of skills and experience that meet governance standards and add value to an organisation. 

Our Board recruitment services include sourcing Chairs, Non-Executive Directors and Advisory Boards for various businesses including private, equity-backed, family-owned, not-for-profit, start-ups, and publicly listed organisations. 


Board-level diversity in Australian companies is under an intense level of scrutiny, with organisations such as the AICD tracking ASX 200 board appointments on a monthly basis.  

Diversity and Inclusion starts at the top - a key part of our Board recruitment services involves working closely with clients to support diversity strategies by ensuring the best-possible executive talent is sourced and recruited from a truly diverse talent pool. We provide director-level candidates for Board roles by assessing talent objectively, without bias: considering only skills, qualifications and experience in the assessment process. 


Six Degrees Executive assists clients in planning the orderly succession and renewal of Board directorships. Well-executed succession planning enables an organisation to avoid the potential disruptions that can take place when key personnel is replaced. Using our deep networks and rigorous search methodology, we help our clients by having the right person able to fill a vacancy at the right time.  

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