Liv Croagh


Content and Digital Marketing Specialist

Liv joins the Six Degrees Executive team as a Content and Digital Marketing Specialist. She brings with her over six years’ of digital marketing knowledge. Her love of all things words and language can be found in her writing ability as well as her retelling of entertaining (if not a little tall) tales.

Prior to starting at Six Degrees, Liv completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Journalism followed by a Master of Communications, both at the University of Queensland. Her love of digital marketing was the driving force behind her thesis topic which centered around social media’s impact on citizen journalism and the effect on the Syrian Civil War. 

With the sun and surf behind her, Liv threw on an extra layer (or two) and made her way down the Hume to the busy lights of Melbourne. Since her relocation, Liv has spent six years working in digital copywriting, content creation and social media for global brands across a plethora of industries, including automotive, hospitality, retail, and FMCG both client and agency side.

When she’s not busy creating killer content, Liv can be found herding her two cats or watching re-runs of the Sopranos.

Liv is inspired by VICE founder Shane Smith to, “do whatever interests you most. Passion breeds success.”