Executive Assessment

Talent assessment techniques have become increasingly sophisticated due to the changing demands of the market. Six Degrees has a comprehensive and varied assessment approach. We utilise bespoke tools to assess executives and ensure a robust decision-making process which mitigates the risk associated with hiring executive talent.

Our proprietary ‘Six Degrees of Excellence’ (6Dx™) executive assessment tool underpins our ability to assess, identify and benchmark exceptional talent against critical capabilities.

Designed by third-party organisational psychologists, 6Dx™ gives our clients the opportunity to select six leadership capabilities, applying a unique functional overlay that creates the foundation for candidate selection. This combines science and experience with objectivity to ensure the best outcome.

As part of our executive search methodology we offer additional assessment services, whether it be for final shortlist selection or for development and succession planning of your current leadership team.

Selection stage assessment

We offer additional, tailored assessment services at the selection stage of a shortlist, which provide deeper insights into how talent behaves, their leadership style and their derailers which is critical for long-term success.

Assessment tools

  • Psychological testing
  • Simulation exercises
  • Case studies
  • 360-degree assessment  


  • A tailored, objectively ranked shortlist
  • Rigorous benchmarking
  • Removes bias from shortlist selection
  • Clearly distinguishes excellent performance
  • Confidence in the final shortlist

Assessments for development

Do you have the right executives in the role today? Are they prepared for tomorrow?

Six Degrees uses rigorous assessment tools to understand current capability, development needs and talent gaps. Assessment for development involves:

  • Individual assessment
  • Individual development plans
  • Team assessment
  • Gap analysis
  • Target talent consultation 
  • Succession planning strategies

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  • Board Directors
  • Chair Person
  • CEO
  • COO
  • Finance
  • Data & Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Risk
  • Digital
  • Technology
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Operations & Supply Chain
  • General Management

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