Expressions of Interest - B2B Marketers

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Job Type: Permanent / Full Time
Contact: Michelle Young

As marketing specialists, we work closely with industry leading B2B clients who are constantly looking to build out their team's internal capability by sourcing new talent. The B2B landscape is becoming increasingly sophisticated, with a central focus being to continually improve and optimise the customer experience, deliver personalised user journeys and create richer, dynamic content to engage customers. With more B2B businesses looking to deliver a frictionless omni channel experience, businesses are constantly reassessing their digital strategies to ensure they are front of mind for the consumer.

As a result of this changing and increasingly competitive environment, we are always seeking exceptionally talented senior B2B marketers who have a deep knowledge across the full marketing mix, are digitally savvy and have strong team management experience. If you have a natural bent towards thinking outside the box, have a laser focus on delivering commercial outcomes and are passionate about seamless, integrated customer experiences - lets chat.

Live roles include Head of Marketing, Marketing Managers, Channel Marketing Managers, senior marketing leads and marketing specialists / executives. Industries include SaaS businesses, commercial services providers, utiliies, financial services and technical environmental services.

If you'd like to connect, please call Michelle Young on 03 8613 3526, or share your CV through the Apply function.