Program Coordinator

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Job Type: Contract or Temp
Contact: Lyndsey Walker

What is Tomorrow Man & Tomorrow Woman?

If you've ever seen the ABC doco series 'Man Up' (viewed +80 million times), then you might be familiar with our work at Tomorrow Man (TM). We're a social enterprise that since 2017, has been inviting Australian men, young & old, to have no holds barred conversations that deconstruct and rewrite the rules of masculinity - to create healthier versions of blokes around the country. You'll find us in all environments - high schools, sports clubs, corporates & blue-collar workplaces … and yes, on all over Zoom thanks to a global pandemic.

Equally, Tomorrow Woman (TW) aims to provide women of all ages with the space to reconnect with their authentic voice, deconstruct the stereotypes and pressures placed on women, and really think about the woman they want to be for tomorrow. Launched in 2018, TW is led by some incredible women and is growing fast.

As it has been for the world, 2020's been quite the challenge here at TM and TW. COVID has asked so much of us all. We've had to think quick, adapt, change, evolve, look deeply inward and answer questions that none of us have been readily prepared for. But we've done it with love & support for one another, and always with our mission in mind.

A peek at our culture

At the risk of this being a massive understatement … we absolutely love what we do! We've been doing this work from an early age and are inspired to show up every day giving our all to make life better for Australian men and women.

We're an eclectic bunch (just check our Insta - @tomorrowman_au and @tomorrowwoman_au - and you'll see what we mean). What's important to us is being values-led, a sense of fun, celebrating individuality & diversity, being passionate about what you do, and a bit of hard work along the way. We love it, and we think you will too.

About the role

What do we need you to do? Well … it takes a lot of planning, management and coordination to support the legends in our facilitation team. That's where you come in. They need logistical support (think travel bookings, calendar management, event registrations, zoom logistics), help responding to enquiries and booking new work, assistance keeping the important stuff in our CRM up to date … and the occasional phone call to hear how they're going and to let them know you've got their back.


Enough about us, what about you?

It'd be cool if you'd done a bit of program support work before, so you could hit the ground running, but it's not a prerequisite. What's more important is that if we were at a BBQ talking to your bestie, this is probably what they'd say.

You're real & kind, a people-person, you love building meaningful relationships and have a knack for gaining people's respect and rapport quickly. You are a problem solver who's always thinking about improving the way things are done. You're so organised, it's embarrassing - yep, you're a geek for a little admin and you get a buzz out of making sure the systems and processes are slick and firing efficiently. You're the best communicator they know - that is, astute at listening, you communicate clearly, write well and can explain just about anything to anyone no matter how unique or difficult the situation. You can handle just about anything that comes your way when it relates to systems, program management or support. You are a dedicated & conscientious worker that oozes team spirit, and you're passionate about your work, what it means and making a difference to the world.

What's in it for you?

It's a long ad we know, but if you're still reading this, then you probably like our vibe, which means we'll probably like yours, which means you'll probably love working with us! And if you've got other things going on in life and can only work part-time, that's fine with us - all we need is 4 full days a week. Oh, and we can't forget this bit … TM and TW are growing….fast! Every year the demand increases (even during a pandemic!), and that's awesome, because it means our team's careers can grow as we do - #winning.

To apply

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