Resignation letter template

A professional format to write your resignation letter

Whether you have reached the end of your tether in a particular job or are just taking the next step in career progression, managing the resignation process in a professional manner will help you make a smooth progression and set you up for future success. To help you manage your change in career like a pro, we've designed this resignation letter template.

Making your next career move can be both an exciting and scary time. And putting pen to paper and drafting your resignation letter can make everything seem a little more real. It's important to also have a meaningful discussion with your manager in person, which is why your resignation letter doesn’t need to be particularly long.

The Six Degrees Executive resignation letter template is a free Word document (.docx) you can download and use to build your own letter. The template is simple yet professional and includes all the necessary information. You can also read more articles and advice from recruiters on our blog to help you in your career.