The ‘best’ of 2020

By Six Degrees Executive

Published on 09-12-2020


It was a year that started with such promise but that was quickly turned on its head when a global pandemic was declared. It might have seemed like the year that lasted a lifetime, but here is some of the ‘best’ that 2020 provided.

The Six Degrees 'best' of 2020

How to build your resilience in times of uncertainty

There’s been no year quite like this in recent times, with the pandemic causing upheaval in everyone’s lives. But how do you retain your resilience when the going gets tough?

The ultimate guide to preparing for a video interview

Job interviews are daunting at the best of times before we were forced to do them from our living room behind screens during a global crisis. Following the initial, “can you see me, can you hear me?” how do you nail your job interview via video?

The trend towards contracting: what do you need to know?

With the uncertainty of life that shrouded 2020, many companies turned to contractors to save the day. But what are the ins and outs of the world of contracting?

Non-traditional is the new career path

Taking risks and changing career paths may have been necessary for you this year, but you’re not alone. Non-traditional paths have become the new career journey for many.

Bouncing back from redundancy

There’s nothing easy about having the rug pulled out from under you, but redundancy doesn’t have to spell the end – bouncing back can be your best career move yet.

The importance of EVP

It’s not just the salary that attracts candidates, it’s the less tangible things. Does your EVP reflect a workplace culture and benefits that will appeal to candidates?

The pros and cons of a diversity quota

Diversity is important, but quotas could be holding you back from putting together the best team you can. Where do quotas help and where do they hinder?

How to be a million-dollar biller

It’s a club that’s hard to get into, but what is it that helped Six Degrees’ own Sarah Hay to get to the elusive position of a $1 million biller?

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