Recruiting contractors

We offer contract recruitment solutions across all of our specialist disciplines and can provide talent for short or long-term hourly rate contracts, fixed term contract and large-scale projects.

An energised and engaged network 

Our experienced contracting specialists nurture an active and deep candidate bench,  allowing us to rapidly attract, source and access talent on demand.

While the nature of contracting can be transactional, the relationship with our contracting talent never is. We cultivate an energised and engaged network which ensures a continual flow of talent so, when needed, your business can remain agile and reduce fixed costs.

Swift sourcing capability

We help companies become more sophisticated by appointing quality and reliable contractors across all our key areas of specialisation. Our contracting team can quickly find unique, highly qualified talent who not only meet your brief but are self-starters and can hit the ground running.

Professional and seamless process 

Six Degrees has a reputation for consistently delivering quality contracting talent. We are proud to be judged on our track history of success. Our turnaround time for shortlisting is 24 – 48 hours.

Of the contracting talent we place:

  • 87% fulfil the full term of their contract

  • 45% are offered a permanent position at the completion or during their contract.

We have an online portal used to manage staff, hours and payments which provides full transparency and live data.

We are seeing growing acceptance in the market to explore contract options:

  • To combat a tight talent market, tight budgets and headcount restrictions
  • As a cost-effective alternative to management consulting
  • Suited to change projects, transformations and strategy implementation
  • To ensure business continuity during peak times or to cover maternity leave, extended annual leave or projects
  • To diversify skill sets within organisations
  • To help understand the right fit and skill set before longer term commitment
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  • Marketing
  • Digital
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Supply Chain
  • Procurement
  • Engineering
  • Operations




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