Career Management: What are you doing?

By Jennifer Kenworthy

Published on 24-07-2013

career management

We plan our finances, where we live, our holidays and what schools our children go to but how many of us actively manage and plan our careers?

Career management is the ongoing process of investing resources to achieve career goals. It refers to the planning, supervising, controlling, handling, and administrating of one's professional life. Career management is not a singular event but a continuing journey that is a necessity for adapting to the changing demands of today's economy.

The workplace has changed drastically in recent times and will continue to do so at a rapid pace. If you fail to keep up with change and innovation career disappointment is a real possibility. Career management was once seen as the obligation of the employer however this is now your responsibility. What you do today, can influence your career options in the next 5-20 years.

The three drivers of good career management are;

Ongoing professional development:

Every person should be abreast of current industry trends, developments and changes. You should be completing courses, training and attending seminars to maintain the relevance of your knowledge and expertise. Believing that your degree obtained years ago still has currency is naive in a highly competitive employment marketplace.


You should join industry bodies, attend annual conventions and assist others in your circle of connections to develop their careers. Build rapport with strategic colleagues both within your organisation and outside. Continue to communicate and maintain contact with people within your network for they may well be vital to your next career move. Partner with one or two executive recruitment companies to understand what your next steps look like.


Continue to gather intelligence on market movers, companies hiring and expanding and keep accurate notes that can be easily recalled.

If you want to avoid career stagnation it's up to you to take the initiative. Being continually prepared with current expertise, qualifications and insider knowledge will place you ahead of the pack when the right opportunity presents.

 What are you doing for your career management?