Using Social Media for Job Interview Preparation

For job seekers, the rise of social media has provided yet another source of information to assist with preparing adequately for an interview.

Attending an interview is no longer a great unknown - if you have done the necessary research, you should know where you are interviewing, who you are meeting with and what their background is, and the hot topics impacting the organisation now and in the future.

Here are 3 social media platforms you should be tapping into during your interview preparation:

1. Company Website

This should never be over-looked. Nearly all company websites have information about the organisational structure, history, strategic direction of the company, its products and services, key customers or clients, and culture, and all of this information can be extremely helpful.

Make sure you make notes so you can discuss some of these points and ask questions during the interview.

2. Facebook and Twitter

These platforms can be helpful regardless of what position you are interviewing for, but they are particularly relevant if you are interviewing for a role in marketing. Not all companies will have a presence on facebook and twitter, but if they do, it is an insight into the strength of their following, and the public perception of the company. From reading posts on their facebook wall, or following tweets, you will ascertain the type, tone, and frequency of engagement they have with their clients and customers.

3. LinkedIn

Whilst the interviewer is assessing your background on LinkedIn, you should be doing the same with theirs. If they are an avid LinkedIn user, there will be details of their past employment, education, and groups of interest - all useful information for you.

In addition, the company is likely to have a LinkedIn page. In some ways, this will represent a mini version of their website, however it will also provide an insight into the number of employees connected on LinkedIn, their job functions, years of experience, new hires, departures and more. The services section of a company's page will house information pertaining to specialisation, functional areas, or subsidiaries, so make sure you check that too.