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Takeouts from CommBank’s latest retail report

  • “The Australian mobile and online market remains relatively immature, skewed towards the under-30s, with ample scope for future growth, meaning there are still opportunities for retailers to benefit from a growing market, even if they have been relatively slow to establish a strong online presence” says Jerry Macey, national business manager, retail business and private banking.
  • Consumers are highly selective, preferring to shop with just two or three trusted online retailers. According to CommBank, 90 per cent of shoppers transact with three or fewer brands online each quarter.
  • According to CommBank, 18 per cent of online sales now happen on a mobile device and, one third of retailers expect to make more than half of their online sales via mobile in the next 12 months. Overall, 41 per cent of retailers say more consumers are using their mobiles to buy more often their devices.
  • CommBank said pureplay retailers were leading the market in developing apps and utilising social, maximising reach across channels. While multichannel retailers are focused on improving accessibility and integration.

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Apple Pay lands in Australia – but only for American Express customers

  • The new service is available from today across iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad and Apple Watch users running iOS 9 and will allow AMEX cardholders pay using their mobile device at stores where contactless payments are accepted.
  • Apple Pay’s launch into Australia comes 12 months after it was first launched in the US. This was slowly followed by the UK in July and now Australia and Canada this week.
  • Australian card members who use an eligible AMEX card with Apple Pay will receive real-time notifications as well as be able to view details of all recent purchases on their card. The AMEX mobile app will also be directly available from the Wallet app, and consumers with membership rewards points will also be able to pay for recent purchases in the mobile app.

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Facebook wants to make it easier for you to deal with a breakup

  • The social network has launched a suite of tools to make it easier to hide old posts and limit what you see from a former significant other moving forward as you try to move on.
  • Now, when you change your relationship status to indicate that you’re no longer in a relationship, Facebook will make some suggestions.
  • If you choose to “take a break” and “see less” of someone, Facebook won’t show their posts in your News Feed or suggest their name when you’re writing a message or trying to tag friends in photos.
  • You can also limit what your former partner will see of your content, including past posts, and untag yourself from previous posts with that certain someone.

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Introducing the new Google+

  • Google+ has had a major revamp and communities and collections are at the centre of the changes.
  • Goggle+ will focus on individual interests and a hunger for micro- (or macro) blogging.
  • The most important part of the update is streamlining the user experience, making it easier to adopt on a whim. Wherever you look - Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat - all are prioritising the ability of users to discover new content and share it.

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