Career Paths

Adam Kurdas, Director— Tenure 14 years

  • Joined Six Degrees as a Consultant in the Sales & Marketing team
  • Promoted to Manager, Consumer, Sport, Media & Entertainment
  • Promoted to Manager, Sales & Marketing: Services
  • Promoted to Associate Director, Supply Chain & Engineering
  • Promoted to Director & Equity Partner
  • New role Created— Director, Commercial Operations and Innovations
  • 2018: Director, Executive Search, Talent Consulting and B2B

Kristan De Sousa, Director—Tenure 11 years

  • Kristan joined Six Degrees as a contracting consultant
  • Promoted to Manager, Supply Chain
  • Promoted to Manager, Engineering & National Contracting Manager
  • Promoted to Director, Contracting
  • Promoted to Director, VIC Sales and Marketing
  • Opened Six Degrees Brisbane office
  • 2018: Director, Queensland