Suzie McInerney

Started April 2010 

My career path: 
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • State Director - Victoria
  • Associate Director
  • Manager - Sales & Marketing
  • Consultant
Why work at Six Degrees?

I would recommend Six Degrees as a place where people thrive and grow: an environment where everyone is encouraged to work smart, have fun and make a difference!



Started June 2015

My career path: 
  • Director - NSW
  • Associate Director
  • Manager
  • Consultant
Why work at Six Degrees?

Our deep industry specialisation means our service and brand enables us to have conversations with clients that other recruitment agencies don’t get access to. We foster a culture of high performance with a high care factor that ensures people enjoy coming to work whilst progressing their careers.



Started Sept 2007

My career path: 
  • National Contracting Director
  • Director - Contracting
  • Director - QLD 
  • Sales & Marketing Director - VIC
  • Supply Chain & Engineering Operations Director - VIC
  • National Contracting Lead
  • Manager Supply Chain
  • Contracting consultant Supply Chain & Engineering
Why work at Six Degrees?

The people and the standard that the business holds itself to. When you surround yourself with great people you can’t help but elevate yourself.



Started Jan 2017

My career path: 
  • Associate Director - QLD
  • Senior Manager - Engineering, Accounting & Finance
  • Senior Manager - Supply Chain & Engineering
  • Manager – Supply Chain & Engineering
  • Executive Consultant – Supply Chain & Engineering
Why work at Six Degrees? 

Six Degrees is a high-performance business that has a great supportive culture, with a commitment to providing the best place to work with a focus on developing people and their careers. Having worked for a few recruitment businesses I can honestly say that Six Degrees is a step above the rest.



Started June 2008

My career path: 
  • Senior Manager - Digital, Marketing, Retail
  • Manager - Digital, Marketing, Retail
  • Executive Consultant
  • Consultant
Why work at Six Degrees? 

Because it's one big happy family!!

henry smith


Started August 2018 

My career path: 
  • Talent Engagement Specialist
  • Researcher – Executive Search & Sales
  • Business Analyst – IT/Systems
Why work at Six Degrees? 

I chose to join Six Degrees because of its exceptional commitment to supporting my passion for sports beyond the workplace. The company not only provides a conducive environment for me to excel in my professional duties but also actively encourages and accommodates my sporting pursuits. Working alongside a team of dedicated and supportive individuals has further enhanced my experience, and Six Degrees Executive has granted me the flexibility to explore and define the ideal career path for my aspirations.


Martina Marinucci 

Started November 2017

My career path: 
  • Recruitment Team Coordinator – Supply Chain & Engineering VIC
  • Executive Assistant to VIC State Director
  • National Contracting Coordinator
  • Contracting Operations and Compliance Specialist
Why work at Six Degrees? 

Six Degrees values excellence and invests in their people. I have always felt supported in my career journey and there is a very inclusive culture. 


Michael Bernardi

Started July 2021

My career path: 
  • Recruitment Team Coordinator
  • Talent Engagement Specialist - Tech
  • Talent Engagement Specialist - Retail/Sales
  • Recruitment Team Coordinator - Executive Search
Why work at Six Degrees? 

Six Degrees is an inclusive and collaborative company to work for. Throughout my time, I have been able to move into different teams to discover what I love to do, and that is helping people within the business perform their best. At Six Degrees we work hard, but we also celebrate the successes and have a lot of fun together!