5 Questions You Should Ask at Every Interview

By Adam Kurdas

Published on 16-02-2013

5 Questions You Should Ask at Every Interview

Too many times, job seekers neglect the importance of asking questions at an interview.

Your preparation should include at least 5 questions you can ask them when the inevitable, "do you have any questions for us?" is asked. Having nothing in mind can be a fatal mistake.

It is a valuable chance to demonstrate your level of interest in the role, your knowledge of the organisation, and most importantly creates an additional opportunity for you to assess if this is really the role you want.

Assuming you already have a fair amount of information about the position you are being considered for, including why it is vacant, who it is reporting to, what the KPIs are, and what type of person they are looking for, the questions you ask will be delving deeper into the broader organisation.

5 questions to ask at your job interview

  1. What are the biggest challenges facing the organisation over the next 12 months? What implications would they have on this position?
  2. What sets you apart from your competitors, both internally (in the view of employees) and externally (customers and clients)?
  3. What value is placed on career progression opportunities within the organisation and how is this demonstrated to employees?
  4. How would you describe the leadership style of the direct manager?
  5. In 12-24 months' time, what would you have expected me to have delivered?

Often, the impression you leave on the interviewer will be a result of the questions you ask them, rather than how articulately you respond to their questions. And you may find the answers they provide to your questions impact your final decision more than any other aspect of the interview process.

Remember, an interview should be an engaging dialogue between you and the interviewer, not a 1 sided conversation. Providing you ask intelligent questions, it can be a great way to demonstrate your knowledge.