How To Work With a Recruitment Consultant Effectively

By Adam Kurdas

Published on 16-02-2013

Recruitment consultant

Most job seekers have, or will work with a recruitment consultant at some point during their career. In effect, the recruiter is the conduit in the process, linking the job seeker with the employer. If the relationships are managed well, it will be a positive experience for all involved.

Here are 3 things worth keeping in mind when partnering with a recruitment consultant during your job search:

1.    Provide your recruitment consultant with all the information

It is essential the communication is open, honest, and frequent. To ensure you are accurately represented to clients, the recruitment consultant must have in-depth knowledge about you, your past experience, and what you are looking for next. The more information you can provide to the consultant, the better.

2.    Update your consultant on changes in your circumstances

Any time a change in your personal circumstance impacts your job search, you should advise your consultant. These changes can be unexpected and often they can alter your salary expectations, availability, or desire for the opportunity being discussed. If this occurs, it is imperative you inform your recruitment consultant so they can manage the client's expectations and keep your own personal brand intact.

3.    Take onboard all advice provided to you

Your recruitment consultant can serve as an extra resource during the job searching process, and it is up to you to maximise that opportunity. At each stage of the recruitment process, you should be provided with advice to ensure you are well-prepared. You may be advised on writing your resume, attending interviews, preparing for psychometric testing, or resigning from your current employer, and this can all be extremely valuable so make the most of it.

Partnering with a recruitment consultant is exactly that, a partnership - it is a two-way process, and the onus is on both parties to engage effectively so the relationship is mutually beneficial.