You want me to sit still for 45 minutes and do nothing? The benefits of meditation

By Lorrie Storey

Published on 01-04-2014

the benefits of meditation

For many years now our business, Six Degrees Executive, has paid for a weekly personal training session that all staff are encouraged to attend. It is a fantastic initiative by the business, as there are many studies that have demonstrated the positive effects of exercise.

Last year Six Degrees went into a partnership with beyondblue. We made a commitment to beyondblue to help spread their message and encourage a mentally healthy workplace. In thinking more deeply about the partnership and what we could do internally we decided to implement regular meditation sessions for all staff to attend. Employees are encouraged to look after their body so why not the mind?

Although meditation was uncomfortable for some of us initially (“what you want me to sit still for 45 minutes and do nothing?”), the benefits are undeniable.

Here are just some of the benefits of meditation:

  1. Increases the ability to focus
  2. Reduces anxiety and stress
  3. Increases creativity
  4. Increases immunity
  5. Helps you sleep better
  6. Increases productivity
  7. Increases happiness

Has your business implemented health and wellness initiatives? What are the benefits?