6 ways to impress your boss

By Kristan De Sousa

Published on 11-06-2014

6 ways to impress your boss

Like them or not, your boss is someone whose opinion of you is important and can impact upon your career progression in a positive or negative way. Impressing your boss doesn’t have to be complicated. These six simple strategies will be sure to impress:

  1. Use your time efficiently – Be productive with your time at work. Don’t be a clock watcher but equally don’t spend 12 hours a day in the office, both scenarios project a negative impression, the first of your dedication and the second of your ability to get the job done efficiently.
  2. Be innovative – don’t be afraid to be creative and think outside the box to allow a task to be completed more effectively. Have the courage to make innovative choices.
  3. Make them look good – it is likely that they hired you, so make sure the rest of the business backs their judgment and notices that they have made a great choice in bringing you into the business by doing a great job and building strong relationships with your peers
  4. Keep your space manageable – paper and clutter around your desk does not makes you look “busier” to your boss! Quite the opposite, it gives the impression that you are disorganized and chaotic.  Keep a neat and efficient space, take one minute each night before you leave to put your space back into order so you’re organized and fresh to take on the next days challenges.
  5. Have an informed opinion – know the state of your division and know the state of the marketplace so you can set and measure yourself against realistic goals, targets and achievements.
  6. Show initiative – FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BOLD.  Don’t turn up to work to just to do ‘a job’.  Show good initiative, have broad strategic perspective beyond your role and identify different ways to improve the business overall.

These six strategies are simple and achievable and it won’t take long for your boss to notice and be impressed.