Retail Update

By Macey Carino

Published on 26-07-2017

retai update

Amazon Australia's first warehouse appears to be in Melbourne

  • It appears Amazon Australia's first retail operations centre will be located in the outer south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, with warehouse job vacancies currently being advertised for Dandenong South.
  • Amazon advertised for an Operations Manager in mid-June, to manage between three and seven "front-line supervisors".
  • The "fulfilment centre" – a term that Amazon uses for its retail operations facilities – is around 93K sqm.

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The importance of measuring in-store actions from digital media

  • Australian consumers have one of the highest appetites for digital engagement in the developed world. Digital interactions influence 40 per cent of in-store visits in Australia.
  • Most online retailers will be well versed in looking at Cost Per Acquisition from a digital acquisition campaign standpoint, and analysing a campaign’s effectiveness on online sales, but what they may be missing out on is the value driven by online campaigns to in-store sales.
  • It’s essential to start thinking about measuring in-store visits from a digital marketing activity if you aren’t already doing so. These actions, powered by digital interactions, are crucial to any omni-channel marketing strategy and provide powerful insight as to which channels, devices, and locations are worth investing in.

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Myer downgrades profit, shares drop

  • Myer has downgraded its profit forecast and announced that Deputy CEO Daniel Bracken is leaving the company, amid a collapse in negotiations with Topshop’s UK owner that has seen it close 17 concessions in recent weeks.
  • Myer shares plummeted over 9 per cent on early Thursday, trading after it advised the market that continued weakness in trading conditions, particularly through the first half of July, had impacted its prior guidance that net profit after tax (NPAT) would be higher than $69.3 million in FY17.
  • It now expects FY17 NPAT to be between $66 million and $70 million, underpinned by pre-tax implementation costs of between $18 million and $20 million.

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How to breed innovation

  • The buzz word of 2017 is Innovation. It’s a truly laudable intent by boards and executives, although what is it that we are articulating and how can it drive value accretion?
  • Strategy is often misunderstood for tactical improvement, when really, they are simply doing the same stuff, just better. Is innovation running into the same misnomer? And really what are the innovation levers a retailer can pull?

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