John Whitehead

Director - Victoria

John joined the Six Degrees family in 2014 to manage the Supply Chain & Procurement team in Melbourne. Since then, he's been appointed Director for the Victorian recruitment team. 

In 2005, John joined an international recruitment business, helping establish their newly formed Supply Chain & Logistics Division, in London. He relocated to Melbourne in 2009 to manage the Supply Chain & Logistics team with the same business. His expertise not only comes from years recruiting within his specialist disciplines, but John also worked in industry as a Logistics Analyst for Masterfoods.

Developing his team is John’s biggest passion and this Richard Branson quote resonates most with him: “A company’s employees are its greatest asset and your people are your product. When a company fails to grasp this simple business tenet, the result is invariably an oppositional “us and them” divide between management and front-line staff.”