From Successful to Significant...where knowledge is power and the moustache is king.

At the VECCI Business Leaders luncheon this week, Jason Hincks the Chief Operating Officer of Movember reflected on the acclaimed NGO's growth and the key strategies that will see Movember succeed again in 2013 and beyond.

Do good and have fun; too simple a concept?

With reach to 21 countries and having raised over $440million in a decade, the power of simplicity and an authentic brand is crystal clear. It's not just about the money, during the 30 days of Movember 2012, no fewer than 2.72 billion conversations were generated between participants and friends, building the profile and awareness of men's health issues. And this all saves lives.

His reminder to any business was to strive to be the best, not just in your own market but the best you possibly can. Focus on engaging your audience, have an impact and be innovative. An interesting program for Movember was the 2011 launch of their Global Action Plan (GAP) - a pioneering approach that has initiated non-competitive collaborations between groups of researchers who have different skill sets and share a common goal.

Networking and fostering collaboration within our own markets for knowledge sharing can not only reduce duplication and save money but it also accelerates outcomes. Explosive growth can happen through effective marketing and an entrepreneurial spirit - make your message heard, participate in networking events, align yourself with like-minded partner and take advantage of opportunities.

Be true to your brand, take risks and make sure you have the best people by your side to assist you in your journey.

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