IBP - challenges and best practice

Recently, a Managing Partner of Oliver Wight, Mike Reed, provided Six Degrees with an overview of the S&OP/ IBP journey that a number of their clients had commenced in recent years.

It highlighted common challenges that many businesses face when implementing a truly integrated model, and conversely some key attributes for success.

When an organisation brings additional functions such as product management, finance and strategic planning into the traditional S&OP cycle, it can add further complexities, and therefore challenges, in delivering one seamless management process.

Challenges may include:

  • Working to eliminate unplanned events (often known as ‘fighting fires’ in our day-to-day work lives) that are caused by a lack of focus on detail in the plan itself.
  • Building trust across different business functions, especially in larger organisations. Demonstrating the benefits of sharing plans can be a difficult task.
  • Correctly managing product lifecycles, and a willingness to take them out of the product portfolio when they are no longer contributing to the bottom line.
  • Not utilising complex ERP systems when they are available.

However, there were a number of common themes that emerged which were indicative of a business performing well in their integrated business planning journey.

Good performance involves:

  • Clearly communicating the company strategy from the top down, so that every employee understands the role they are required to play.
  • Understanding what planning actually means; a set of actions designed to produce a particular outcome.
  • Innovation. The top 10 companies in the world have a significant percentage of sales (an average of 63%) driven by new products for which they plan accordingly.

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Luke Gunn

Specialist Supply Chain & Procurement Consutlant