Three simple steps to rolling out a successful brand

Simon Davies of Bastion Brands introduces the 3 S’s that help a brand build a strong position in consumers’ mindset.

It’s a noisy, complicated world out there. At Bastion Brands, we believe in the power of emotional branding that’s simple, effective and above all else, ‘human’.

Introducing Stand, Story, Strategy. Or, as we at Bastion Brands call it, ‘The 3S’s’.

First thing’s first: What do you Stand for?

In other words, ‘why do you get out of bed in the morning’? The answer might surprise you.

Take Rolld, a Melbourne-based Vietnamese street food company, who came to us with the realisation that without an emotionally engaged, loyal following, their fresh, fast franchise would ultimately get lost in the crowd.

After much deliberation - and a few too many rice paper rolls - it was decided that they needed to stand for more than what tastes good, or what comes out quick:

’Our passion is Rolld out in freshness, fun, and flavour, fast! Making life that little bit better.’

By owning and communicating their responsibility to ‘make life that little bit better’, Rolld’s purpose shines through in everything they do, every day, uniting teams, and winning hearts.

What’s your Story?

We’re wired to listen to and internalise messages in story form, so it’s no wonder your audience wants to know not only who you are, and how you came to be, but what problem you hope to solve; and, ultimately, how you’re making their lives easier. Happier. Better.

The team at Rolld are right to be proud of their classic home-style recipes and humble beginnings, but they realised that there was so much more to their story than where they came from or what goes into their (delicious) chicken ribs.

With the help of an articulate, heartfelt Brand Story and Brand Video, the big ‘Why’ behind Rolld’s journey from downtown Saigon to Melbourne’s CBD is coming to life with the click of a mouse, engaging audiences who can’t help but be hungry for more. (Check out Rolld’s ‘The People Who Roll’ teaser)

And then there was Strategy.

You’d be surprised at just how many businesses are lacking a strong, clear and communicable strategy - one that everybody is responsible for seeing to its fruition, can understand, and ‘own’.

As for Rolld? With 24 stores open as of April this year and 11 more outlets coming to a high street near you, they're in their strongest position yet - and are now well on their way to sharing the love internationally.

Amongst the Nikes, Apples and Disney’s of our world are big opportunities for your brand to own a space in the consumer mindset as something far more valuable, and human, than your product’s features.

It’s all about the power of emotional branding. And it all starts with the 3S’s.

Simon Davies

Managing Director of Bastion Brands

Bastion Brands is a marketing and branding agency located in Melbourne, Australia. Our sole focus is to help everyone important to our clients to fall in love with their brands through the power of emotional branding.

For more information on our 3S methodology, products and services visit www.bastionbrands.com.au or call  (+613) 9643 6500

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