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Call for Death Tax to boost charitable giving

  • Not for Profit leader and Chair of Community Council for Australia, Tim Costello, has called on the Federal Government to create a death tax for the super rich as a way of boosting charity sector funding.
  • Costello, who is also the CEO of World Vision Australia, said a death tax would be much fairer than the GST and could create up to $100 million in new donations going straight to charity while providing the Federal Government with at least $5 billion of new revenue.
  • He said the new tax would only affect the super-rich and would dramatically increase giving.
  • “An estate duty would give Australia’s super rich many more reasons to bequest money to charities,” Costello said.
  • He said a new estate duty tax or death tax would reduce the growing gap between the very rich and poor and would also reduce inherited inequality.

Source: ProBono Australia

The Shane Warne Foundation will cease operations following allegations of financial mismanagement

  • The cricketing great announced the closure of his troubled charity on his Facebook page and on the foundation's website on Friday afternoon following allegations of financial mismanagement.
  • "The Shane Warne Foundation officially announces it is ceasing operations and has begun the process of closing the Foundation," the post from Warne said.
  • Warne has previously rejected claims the charity passes on just 16 cents in every dollar raised to its nominated charities.
  • Earlier this week it was revealed Consumer Affairs Victoria had ordered an independent audit of the foundation after it failed to lodge key financial documents by a deadline toward the end of 2015.
  • At the time Warne declared he had "absolutely nothing to hide".

Source: SBS

Charity category for Telstra Business Awards

  • The Telstra Australian Business Awards will include a charity award for the first time this year, in a move to recognise the significant contribution charities make to Australian communities and the economy.
  • Telstra said the introduction of the new category reflected the significance of the charity sector with the latest figures showing Australian charities have a combined annual income of more than $103 billion and employ more than one million people.
  • “The Awards recognise trail blazers who embody the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit of Australian business,” Irving said.
  • “This year, we welcome the new charity award category to the fold as we continue to update the awards program to reflect current business trends. We felt it was time for the program to recognise the significant contribution they make to our community.”

Source: Yahoo News 

‘Let them stay’ campaigners rally across Australia

  • Tens of thousands of Australians joined #letthemstay protests last night, organised by not-for-profit organisation GetUp.
  • Campaigners were urged to call Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s office and leave a “clear message” that asylum seekers are welcome to remain in Australia.
  • The protests come after the High Court last Wednesday validated Australia’s offshore processing regime, which means 267 asylum seekers – including 91 children – who are in the country for medical treatment could be sent to Nauru.
  • While the government has not made a decision to deport them, advocates have pleaded for sympathy and thousands have turned out at Monday night’s protests to voice their concerns.
  • At least 10 Anglican churches across the country, led by the Anglican Dean of Brisbane, Peter Catt, have offered sanctuary to the 267 people.
  • “Our message is ‘we want to let them stay’,” she said.

Source: Third Sector

New app to bridge the gap for Australia’s homeless

  • Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has launched Ask Izzy, a new mobile website that connects people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, with essential services.
  • The new app, developed by not-for-profit Infoxchange, Google, realestate.com.au and News Corp Australia, allows people to search more than 350 000 services across Australia.
  • CEO of Infoxchange, David Spriggs, said Ask Izzy provides access to Australia’s most comprehensive directory of services so those who are homeless can find what they need – a meal, legal advice, health services or a bed for the night.
  • “No-one expects to be homeless and often they don’t know where to find help,” Spriggs said.
  • “Their phone is a lifeline, but finding services can be difficult because information can be outdated, waiting lists long and service criteria complex.
  • “Ask Izzy is an easy-to-use tool developed in close collaboration with people who have experienced homelessness and leaders in the homelessness sector, to make sure it responds to their needs.”

Source: Third Sector 

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