Manufacturing Update 7

New apprenticeship trial aims to prepare for advanced manufacturing future

  • The new manufacturing trial involves up to 20 apprentices and includes training in machine vision, metal 3D printing and virtual reality.
  • The aim was to develop apprenticeships incorporating the skills needed for Industry 4.0
  • “This innovative project will be implemented in collaboration with Siemens Ltd and Swinburne University of Technology.”

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Five disruptive trends in tech for 2017

  • 2017 will see some of the most innovative and evolutionary disruptions we have seen thus far.
  • More connection, more automation, and more significant impact in business and investment than ever before.
  • The next phase is dynamic, gigantic, and will feel like a futuristic sci-fi fantasy novel.

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Why complete product traceability is a must for modern business

The counterfeit medicine market internationally is worth US$32 billion and causes about one million deaths each year.

  • The pharmaceutical companies are being seriously undermined by counterfeiters.
  • Batch and lot numbers have previously been used to find the source of faulty products. However, these could not accurately determine the root causes of defects in production and provided no real assistance in preventing counterfeiting as lot and batch numbers could easily be duplicated.

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New method to produce metals developed

  • A new way to produce antimony and other smelting metals has been created
  • “The discovery could lead to metal-production systems that are much less expensive and that virtually eliminate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with most traditional metal smelting.”
  • This process now reduces the potential for sulphur dioxide to form as it provides the highly purified metal without the need to scrub out the gas.

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Swarm robots trigger artificial intelligence breakthrough

  • British engineers say it is now possible for machines to learn how natural or artificial systems work by simply observing them.
  • The advantage of the Turing Learning approach is that humans no longer need to tell machines what to look for.
  • This could prove useful for the health monitoring of livestock, for the preventive maintenance of machines, cars and airplanes, or in security applications, such as for lie detection or online identity verification.

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Plenty of activity in Food & Beverage sector

  • Strong investor appetite for food and beverage companies with a high volume of accepted proposals in 2016
  • High level of foreign interest in FMCG and pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Upcoming Ingham’s IPO is widely acknowledged as one of the most attractive in recent memory

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