What is a modern marketing leader to do when the market is hot?

marketing leader

Whether it’s large organisations restructuring, skills disruption, market threats, or movement at the leadership level, rare marketing leadership opportunities can arise when they are least expected.

The recruitment market can be cyclical, be it the busy last quarter of the calendar year, or the push to spend ahead of the end of the financial year. Despite this, we are currently seeing new opportunities presenting themselves for modern leaders in senior marketing, communications and the digital space in the Melbourne market right now where leaders can shine.

What to do when the time is right? 

Glad you asked! Of course, there is no simple answer here, but let me put it this way – you’re sitting in the home you’ve loved and built so many memories in, then “boom” the market drives your area to record levels, what do you do? 

When the time is right, you know you should view the market to see if it’s time to sell. You meet real estate agents, look at the areas you’ve always wanted to live – you basically empower yourself with market insights. One of two outcomes can happen:

  • Yes, this is the right time to sell!

  • No, I’ve done my research and my home is right for me and I will continue to grow and thrive here. I’m staying.

Either way, it’s worth investigating.

The leadership market is hot 

Now is an ideal time to review the market and you are at your most marketable when you are passively looking and successful in your current role. So yes, connect and be open to new opportunities. Do your due diligence but make sure you market yourself whilst the demand is at its highest.

Your call to action

Partner with people who have a deep understanding of your market. Take the time to understand what is being asked of modern leaders and work out where you will thrive. Update your LinkedIn profile. Seek some insight on your resume. Basically, be ready to seize opportunities during this rare market boom.

But remember, you’re not a house, you need to understand your personal motivations and reasons for moving. Our team of marketing specialists can help you navigate the current market to help you connect with the right culture of an organisation and, ultimately, make an informed decision about the future.

Mhairi Kerr is a Senior Manager at Six Degrees, specialising in digital and marketing roles. For a discussion about your next career move, get in touch with Mhairi on 03 8613 3525.