Why you should consider a career in the recruitment industry

Recruitment is not necessarily the first career that comes to mind when young people think of what job they might like to do after leaving school or university but there are plenty of good reasons why it could be a great career choice for you. Not only is recruitment a growing industry, it’s also rewarding as it involves helping people find the right career path…and it’s fun.

When asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” chances are very few young people will answer “recruitment consultant”. But having now worked in the field of recruitment for the past 14 months I am convinced it is one of the best careers going around!

Nearing the end of my Bachelor of Arts, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, how to use my degree, or even if I could use it. I was the classic millennial, cast adrift in a sea of uncertainty, weighed down by choice and indecision. Should I do another degree? Should I move to Thailand and become a diving instructor? Or should I do something really crazy and try for my first corporate job?

I took the role of receptionist at Six Degrees Executive because I thought it made sense strategically – a job that entailed daily interaction with people from a wide scope of industries and functions seemed like a great opportunity to get an idea of how the corporate world works. I saw it as a platform to gain some experience and clarity, but one that I would ultimately move on from.

Then came the unexpected plot twist...I actually loved working at Six Degrees and soon realised there was a lot to like about working in the recruitment industry too.  

A growing industry

One of the most compelling reasons to consider a career in the recruitment industry is that it is a growing industry. SEEK employment trends show that Australia’s recruitment industry is experiencing a phase of steady growth, as employers continue to invest in attracting and retaining top talent to their businesses against a backdrop of continued growth in job listings and a tightening labour market.

A rewarding career interacting with people

Working at a recruitment agency, you are in the people business, so face-to-face meetings and phone calls are a big part of the job. If you love interacting with people from a wide range of industries, then this is going to be one of the most alluring aspects of a job in recruitment. You’ll be working closely with candidates, helping to guide them through the interview process and assessing their suitability for particular roles. You’ll also be working closely with employers to gain a better understanding of their recruitment requirements and help them to find suitable employees. 

A variety of career paths

There are also other career paths for young graduates in recruitment outside of being a recruitment consultant. For example, my second role at Six Degrees was as a Recruitment Team Coordinator, in which I provided support for internal recruitment teams to ensure efficient management of internal processes and external events.

Recently I moved into the role of Customer Team Coordinator; the purpose of our Customer team is to unlock greater value for our clients through stronger, mutually beneficial partnerships. We achieve this through our focus on exceptional communication, service and results.

Working in the Sydney office is fast-paced and dynamic, and my days are never the same.

Through my own experience of having three different roles in 14 months, I have also discovered that it can be easy to progress in recruitment in a short time frame, especially if you are driven and smart.

A supportive team environment

One of the best things about working in the recruitment industry, and at Six Degrees in particular, is the supportive team environment. What has stood out for me is the incredible support you are given to help you find the right career path internally.

My team and manager struck a great balance between not overloading me, but also giving me more tasks and responsibilities as I became comfortable in my role. Most importantly they approached my role as a constant learning process rather than an end goal, so I was never bored. I found it so inspiring working for an organisation that so highly values their role in helping to shape futures, for not only their clients and candidates but also for their own staff.

A great culture

The culture at Six Degrees really is second-to-none. Our managers are so invested in our development, both professionally and personally, and we enjoy a myriad of opportunities to grow, including workshops focused on resilience, corporate social responsibility days, in-office yoga and meditation sessions and access to mentoring from some of the best in the business.

Like other recruitment companies, Six Degrees wants to continue to attract and retain top talent and as part of this push, they have built a culture that is not only supportive but also one that is fun. Some of the perks we enjoy include in-office masseuses, epic parties and recently a company-wide long weekend holiday in Byron Bay to celebrate our achievements! What’s not to love about a career in recruitment?!