Workplaces going green in 2020


​Over the years we’ve witnessed a shift in the focus of workplaces to include a reduction in their carbon footprint. Sustainability is largely expected to form part of an organisation’s corporate social responsibility but if your office needs a little lift in their green credentials, we look at some easy initiatives you can implement in your workplace.

We often read about places “going green” and implementing small initiatives that can contribute to larger changes, but one problem workplaces face is knowing where to start. Information on how to reduce a carbon footprint exists in droves now but the volume of information can feel overwhelming, making the implementation of these sort of changes feel daunting.

The good news is that making simple changes not only benefits the environment, but also saves money and resources, and improves your employer brand, making your organisation a more attractive career choice for potential employees.

6 easy ways to implement sustainability in the workplace

The first step is always the hardest so we’ve compiled a list of tips you can use to kick off small changes that can make a big difference.

Providing reusable cups

We’re a nation fuelled by caffeine. A morning ritual among colleagues and a nice way to break up the day is to do the iconic ‘coffee run’, but by providing reusable cups, you can reduce the impact of single-use cups provided by coffee shops. If your coffee shop is nearby and you aren’t too much of a clutz, there’s no reason you can’t just grab a standard porcelain mug out of the cupboard!

End of trip facilities

It’s so easy to get ready for work at home and jump in the car and drive in, but alongside the pain of traffic, individual cars on the road attribute to huge levels of air pollution. Access to end-of-trip facilities including showers and a changing room encourages staff to be active by getting to work by bike or foot and promotes a greener approach to the commute.

Flexible working

Commuting by bike or foot might sound simple, but when you add in things such as school drop offs, eco-friendly commuting can be trickier to achieve. Giving workers options to work flexibly from home not only reduces vehicle emissions, but also gives employees time back in their day that can positively impact mental health and productivity.

Strive for paperless

With big screens in meeting rooms, a plethora of note-taking apps, editable PDFs, and people always online – the necessity to print emails or multiple meeting agendas is decreasing with every digital development. Try to get employees to ask, “do I really need a hard copy of this?”

Clean up day

There’s nothing nicer than a day out of the office but make your next team building day one that gives back. An opportunity for the team to bond and have a great day outside – but also give back to the community by making it that little bit cleaner.

Clothing swap

What’s old is new again! They say that second-hand shopping is the most sustainable way to purchase clothes, so why not make it an event! Encourage your employees to bring in their pre-loved outfits and swap with others – it’s a fun way to see how others can style a piece that you once owned.

Changing behaviour and mindsets can feel like an overwhelming task, but with climate change being an increasingly ‘hot’ topic, these simple changes are easy steps in the right direction.

Want to know more about how to make your office a little greener and improve your employer brand? Chat with one of our specialists today.