Is contracting your next step forward?

It’s safe to say that 2020 hasn’t panned out the way we were all expecting, affecting all of us in one way or another whether it was being made redundant, a holiday being cancelled, or your work reducing your hours, there’s changes continuing to happen every day.

From the world of recruitment, the tides are changing quickly – and while we’ve seen some new permanent roles being put on hold – there are still solutions to get your through the interim.

Searching for a new job can be an exceptionally stressful time for anyone. Especially with an uncertain market and less work available, it might be the time to prepare yourself to be job ready or consider taking on contract work. Contract work can get you back into the job market faster and can often lead to a permanent position.

Getting yourself job-ready

Update your LinkedIn profile and resume

If you need to get back into the job market quickly, you want to make sure you’re prepared. Many job seekers we work with know that their LinkedIn needs an upgrade but rarely have the time to do it. Read our recommendations on how to optimise your LinkedIn and how to write a resume.

Reach out to your network

Connect in with past colleagues or managers to let them know of your circumstance and that you are open to hearing about contract or permanent opportunities. You never know who needs someone straight away for an ad-hoc project and what long-term opportunities might be associated with it.

Be open-minded

We are seeing more and more job seekers become more flexible in their job search. Considering new roles and industries, taking a side-step or looking for contract work might be a little different to what you’re used to but being agile with your job search criteria can make you a more desirable candidate and open up more doors in the current environment.  With uncertainty in the market, we have unfortunately seen a decrease in new permanent roles, though the market is starting to shift, with many companies changing opportunities into contract and temporary roles.


Although contract roles may not be the path you were ideally looking at, it can be a great way to continue to build your network, give you exposure to a new style of business and demonstrate to future employers transferable skills and adaptability to hit the ground running.  We often see candidates who initially step into businesses for contract roles go on to secure a permanent role or move to a senior role internally.

Check out our current contracting job opportunities or get in touch with our contracting team for more information.