2021: Time for a clean slate?


​It’s the time of year that we would normally be sharing our resolutions for next year. Whether you want to start cooking more, master a new language, or get back to the gym. But with the year that we just completed, perhaps a little kindness to ourselves and to each other is all the resolution we need.

With the job market starting to open back up, 2021 could be your time to shine. Are you feeling prepared for a new opportunity?

Get yourself prepared for 2021

Here’s a checklist to help make sure you’re job ready:

1. Optimise your profile on LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is increasingly becoming the number one platform to find opportunities and network, but make sure that your profile stands out.

2. Remember that no two career paths look the same

Non-linear and non-traditional career paths are the new black. Following the pandemic in 2020, being able to side-step has become a crucial part for the modern worker.

3. Make sure your second half isn’t just a wind down

People are extending their careers and retiring even later. Planning for the second half of your career will ensure it is just as rewarding as your first.

4. Bouncing back from redundancy

2020 affected every job market, with many people finding themselves without work. How do you bounce back from the shock of redundancy?

5. Create the perfect portfolio

Years of experience and education can all be put aside if the creative work isn’t on brand with the position being sought.

6. Nail the interview!

When all is said and done, are you ready to put your best foot forward? Make sure that your interview skills are up to par!

Candidates with up-to-date profiles get even more opportunities. Create or access your profile here.