4 ways to retain new employees

ways to retain new employees

The entire recruitment process is vital to attracting and retaining good talent, from the early stages of engagement with candidates, right through to the onboarding of employees into an organisation. Even if you have a great Employee Value Proposition (EVP), if the initial recruitment experience is poor, you may be losing quality employees before you even get started.

If you have a strong EVP, a portion of the strategy is already taken care of, but it’s when the new hire starts their new career with your company that the retention strategy needs to step up a notch.

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Incorporate these tips into your recruitment process and see if you notice a difference in retention rates and staff happiness.

1. Make a good first impression

First impressions count, especially in the world of employment. To keep the new hire from spending their first day filling out pages of forms, ask them to fill out the papers before they arrive. Also, provide tips on places to eat and information on transit and parking. Have their desk prepared, computer set up with their details, and place one or two fun items on their desk. Make them feel welcome and valued.

2. Mentoring 

Designate a mentor to your new hire, whether that be a fellow colleague or manager. The mentor should become a resource to empower the employee and help them reach goals that will lead to advancement within the company since worries about career advancement are the top reasons people leave their jobs. The mentor should also sit down with the new hire at the start of his/her employment and set out personal goals and objectives that relate directly to their daily job. This will give the new hire a feeling of purpose and the drive to start working towards goals instantly.

3. Set a schedule

Give the new employee a 2-3-week schedule of shadowing opportunities, training, meetings with important company members, and one-on-ones. Additionally, plan a calendar of training and development for the next three months. This way, they will instantly get the opportunity to learn more about the company culture, fellow staff members, and explore more what their daily job will entail.

4. Provide feedback

It’s so important to provide feedback and praise to new employees. Use their goal and objective plan to mark off achievements and milestones. The more you recognise your employees’ specific contributions to the team, the more irreplaceable they’ll feel.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help strengthen your Employee Value Proposition, employer branding strategy and retention rates. By putting a big focus on these employer brand and EVP initiatives, you’re sure to win the fight for talent.

Talk to a recruitment consultant in your area to discuss ways you can help your organisation retain new employees. 

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