Get the help you need - fast - with Contractors

Image of busy professionals working with their laptops and drinking coffee around a table.

Peak times of year - like the EOFY or Christmas - can be incredibly stressful for business leaders. But many hands make light work: the addition of contractors to your permanent team might be the answer to getting you through busy periods.

As the financial year comes to a close, businesses are frantically working through those to-do lists, making sure all is in order. There are ways and means to get on the front foot with a plan to ensure those additional projects and reports get completed, clients are looked after and teams remain fully resourced and productive.

Keep your business delivering and growing

Flexibility for you

Partnering with an agency will help your business effectively manage staffing needs during the busy season while avoiding the complexities associated with permanent hires in the short term.

Contracting can be an excellent solution, as it allows you to pay only for the hours worked and offers the flexibility to scale your workforce up or down as needed.

The benefits of bringing contractors on during this time can outweigh any of the financial constraints that may be holding you back from considering additional hires for your business.


Contractors are only paid the hours they work which gives you full cost control. Because of the nature of contracting, they are also able to start work immediately and typically can get up to speed quickly. Contractors can pick up general tasks across resources as well as specialised projects to fill in any gaps or pick up that additional workload.

Specialised talent

Contractors are beneficial to companies as they are often specialists in their field. If you have an ad-hoc project, many contractors have years of specialised experience meaning you are able to have people hit the ground running and cut out any training time that may be required for full-time employees.

A contracting team at your fingertip

At Six Degrees Executive, our Contracting team have worked extensively with contractors for years, and have a rich and diverse talent pool ready to start work immediately. We work closely with our contract workers to ensure that they are immediately ready to support your permanent team.

Give one of our contracting consultants a call today to ensure your organisation runs as smoothly as possible during times of additional need.