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Accounting & Finance Market Insights Report


Inflation, a highly competitive labour market, and hybrid work arrangements are key factors shaping today's economic landscape, presenting unique challenges for both employers and finance professionals.

This comprehensive report, designed by our Accounting & Finance recruitment experts, provides insight into the current economic conditions influencing the job market, and gives advice on key recruitment trends and salary insights to help you secure top talent. 

To ensure you have the best talent for your business and the best strategy for retention, contact our Accounting & Finance team

Insights into the current Accounting & Finance job market:


  • Finance trends

  • Financial leadership

  • Embrace contract workers

  • Unearth passive candidates

  • Career development

  • Candidate priorities

  • Salary insights

Finance trends
The accounting industry’s change is rapid and driven largely by lightning-fast advances in technology. The adoption of automation has seen reductions in processing times for both Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. 

Financial leadership
2023 job market offers a wealth of opportunities for businesses to elevate their financial leadership. The CFO role has evolved significantly, demanding a shift in skill sets and priorities. 

Embrace contract workers
Our clients are increasingly seeing contractors as a key element of their ongoing recruitment strategies rather than an ad-hoc or stop-gap solution. Hiring contractors comes with many benefits for both the employers and the employees. 

Unearth passive candidates
While candidates are often receptive to new opportunities, passive candidates are being approached multiple times per week by different recruiters, making it vital to connect personally with relevant and compelling offers.

Career development
Waiting until a new employee begins work to start developing a career path is too late. Begin the career path discussion during the hiring process to keep candidates engaged and show them the potential future they could have with your organisation.