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FMCG Sales Market Insights Report


Businesses are not only revolutionising their team structures, but also embracing a seamless integration of roles that adapt to the ever-changing needs of their customers.

Organisations are now prioritising customer-aligned teams and leadership roles, consolidating functions such as Grocery Channel Managers and Emerging Channel Leads.

This shift in structure is characterised by its dynamic and flexible nature, driven by the dual requirements of nurturing internal talent and achieving customer-centric objectives.

To stay ahead in this changing landscape, it's crucial to have the right talent and strategy in place. Contact our Sales team for expert advice and assistance in finding the best talent and developing effective retention strategies. 

Insights into the current FMCG Sales job market:

Six Degrees Market Insights Report for FMCG sales
  • Sales insights

  • Talent insights

  • The evolution of food service 

  • Embrace contract workers

  • Passive candidates

  • Salary insights

Sales insights
The landscape of team structures is undergoing significant shifts. Businesses are adopting more customer-aligned teams and leadership roles and consolidating functions.

Talent insights 
In response to the challenge of attracting experienced individuals to business-critical roles, organisations are developing more attractive propositions. These packages are not only characterised by increased remuneration but a clearly defined pathway for senior development within the business. 

The evolution of food service
The foodservice sector, along with the broader Away From Home channel, has been a highly active recruitment space. As resources are reinstated post-COVID, there's a deliberate effort to diversify expertise. This involves enhancing commercial planning, leveraging data, and implementing advanced customer management processes. This strategic revitalisation positions the sector for sustained growth and adaptability.

Embrace contract workers
Many companies have seasonal products or seasonal peak demands. An ideal seasonal structure identifies a core group of permanent staff combined with a flexible workforce contingent.  

Attract passive candidates
While candidates are often receptive to new opportunities, passive candidates are being approached multiple times per week by different recruiters, making it vital to connect personally with relevant and compelling offers. Make sure your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is appealing.