Market trends report


Australia’s job market has experienced unprecedented changes over the last 18 months. We are operating in a workforce shortage and candidate-driven market.

Employees are re-assessing their long-term goals (better salary, bigger benefits packages, more opportunity for advancement, or all three) and are looking for employers that are not undervaluing their skill sets and are willing to pay market-value. To remain competitive, organisations need to shift their focus to employee retention strategies and ramp up their Employee Value Proposition (EVPs).

With digital transformation still leading the greatest changes across the market, we have included dedicated digital trends and insights, to reveal what businesses are focusing on this year, and help inform your marketing strategy decisions.

The Six Degrees Executive Market Trends report provides an insight into the current job market in Australia and trends influencing recruitment. For advice and strategies to help attract and retain great talent in even the most challenging hiring market conditions, download the full report and contact our team of specialist recruiters. 

Insight on the current job market [Marketing, For Purpose & Digital]:


  • Job market snapshop

  • Advice for recruiting in a highly competitive market:

    • Digital trends

    • Contracting

    • Onboarding and Employee Experience

    • Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

  • Salary insights

  • And much more! 

Job market snapshot.
SEEK’s April 2023 Employment Dashboard points to a market shift with national job ads down by 19.1% since April 2022 while applications per job ad are up. Will the remote working trend continue to accelerate? Learn more in the report. 

How to stay ahead of Digital trends as digital transformation continues. 
The traditional lines of ‘B2B’ and ‘B2C’ are being blurred across some organisations. This means businesses who have typically been targeting B2B audiences are employing B2C strategies and tech-stacks to build brand awareness and acquire customers en masse; and vice versa.

Using contracting as a hiring strategy.
Our clients are increasingly seeing contractors as a key element of their ongoing recruitment strategies rather than an ad-hoc or stop-gap solution. Hiring contractors comes with many benefits for employers including reduced risk, budget flexibility amid ongoing market volatility.

The importance of creating a seamless onboarding and employee experience to increase retention. 
It is crucial to manage the new employee experience carefully during the first six months to avoid attrition. This begins with creating a highly engaging onboarding process. In-demand talent will not hesitate to leave if there is a gap between what was promised and reality. 

Listen to your workforce to improve your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
With candidates being more selective than ever, employers need to present an attractive offering to entice people to choose them. To cut through the competition with employer branding, create a clear and compelling value proposition and focus on your unique selling point (USP) in the talent market. Find out how to harness your USP by downloading the full report.