Market trends report

attracting top talent in THE MOST DIFFICULT HIRING market

Australia’s job market has experienced unprecedented changes over the last 18 months. We are operating in a workforce shortage and candidate-driven market. From a job seeker or employee's point of view, it means now is a great time to be looking for work as there are more jobs for talented people and salaries are rising. From an employer's point of view, it means it's a tough time for hiring and retaining happy employees.

Employees are re-assessing their long-term goals (better salary, bigger benefits packages, more opportunity for advancement, or all three) and are looking for employers that are not undervaluing their skill sets and are willing to pay market-value. To remain competitive, organisations need to shift their focus to employee retention strategies and ramp up their Employee Value Proposition (EVPs).

The Six Degrees Executive Market Trends report for November 2021 provides an insight into the current job market in Australia and trends influencing recruitment.

For advice and strategies to help attract and retain great talent in even the most challenging hiring market conditions, download the full report.


  • Job market snapshot

  • Advice for recruiting in a highly competitive market:

    • The Great Resignation

    • Flexible, hybrid-working model

    • Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

    • Salary and compensation

    • Onboarding and employee experience

    • And much more!