Marketing talent trends report


Senior Brand Managers, Product Development Managers, and Digital Campaign Managers are only the beginning of a long list of marketing jobs with critical skills that are in short supply. As the ecommerce boom takes hold, marketing teams are playing a more pivotal role in the health of many consumer and retail businesses.

In the current candidate-driven market, consumer, FMCG and retail businesses are feeling the pressure to attract and retain marketing talent. Ongoing strong demand for marketing talent is forcing employers to ramp up their talent attraction and retention efforts, looking beyond traditional role requirements, focusing on flexible work, and providing employee value.

With 15% of Australian employees actively looking to split from their current employer, and 40% planning to look for a new job within six months, businesses need to be more competitive in their search for marketing professionals and their efforts to retain current talent - not only through salary and conditions but in the time taken to hire and the relevance of employee value propositions.

In this report, our specialist teams of marketing recruiters in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney provide insight into consumer, FMCG, and retail talent trends and offer advice on how to attract and maintain marketing professionals in the current market.

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snapshot OF consumer, FMCG & retail MARKETING TALENT TRENDS:

  • Job market insight

  • Responding in the post-pandemic recovery

  • A candidate's market

  • Demand for digital and ecommerce marketing

  • Flexibility and employee value

  • Unearthing passive candidates

  • Salary guide and recruitment tips ​

​Time to hire matters.

Employers no longer have the luxury of hiring marketing talent directly from their sector. Hence, Consumer and FMCG companies are broadening their search for marketing talent to include marketers in aligned industries with transferrable skills.

is your EMPLOYEE VALUE PROPOSITION still relevant?

Job seekers have more choice in the current job market, so employers need to have an attractive offering to attract and retain people. Read our latest consumer report with tips to evolve your EVP.

​Salaries are rising. Can you compete?

​Digital and ecommerce marketing is in high demand, driving up salaries for those with critical skills. Senior Brand Managers, Product Development Managers, and Digital Campaign Managers are only the beginning of a long list of marketing jobs that are in short supply. For advice and strategies to help attract and retain great marketing talent, download our latest report and contact our team of recruitment experts.

the marketing structure is changing. are you ready?

With the ecommerce boom spurring increased investment in digital marketing and systems, marketers are now expected to understand the role of digital marketing in connecting with consumers. Many organisations are hiring for newly created roles within the marketing team. Download our latest report for advice on how to respond.