Sales talent trends report


The pandemic has seriously impacted sales professionals, with many experiencing burnout and exhaustion which is sparking intention to split from their current employers and move jobs. The strong, ongoing demand for sales talent in the consumer, FMCG and retail sectors means employers need to be on their game to attract and retain talent.

Talent shortages are still at high levels, especially for corporate grocery management positions. Many businesses are vying for the same talent pushing the demands from candidates up significantly in terms of salary, title and development opportunities. Salaries aside, flexibility and work-life balance are now ‘must-have’ factors influencing candidates job search.

Hiring managers need to adapt to the reality of talent shortages and become more agile and flexible during the recruitment process. Traditional hiring expectations need to be reassessed, to address core competencies for the job and a candidate’s potential to perform the role. Time-to-hire is imperative, so decisions must be made quickly.

In this report, our specialist teams of sales recruiters in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney provide insight into consumer, FMCG, and retail talent trends and offer advice on how to attract and maintain sales professionals in the current market.

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snapshot OF consumer, FMCG & retail sales TALENT TRENDS:

  • Job market insight

  • Responding in the pandemic recovery

  • A candidate's choice

  • Alignment with marketing and ecommerce

  • Flexibility and employee value

  • Unearthing passive candidates

  • Salary guide and recruitment tips


​Time to hire matters.

Companies seeking to hire sales talent must accept the realities stemming from a talent shortage. Since employers no longer have the luxury of hiring directly from their sector, Consumer and FMCG companies are broadening their search to include professionals in aligned industries with transferrable skills. Hiring managers need to be more agile and flexible during the recruitment process. Candidates often have multiple options to choose from so organisations need to act quickly to secure talent when it becomes available.

is your EMPLOYEE VALUE PROPOSITION still relevant?

The current talent shortage has provided the necessity for employers to reassess the relevance of their EVP, redefine why the business is a uniquely great place to work and find more alignment with the values currently sought after by employees. With work-life balance vastly improved over the last couple of years. employees are now questioning the need to go back to the office and job seekers are looking at the brand's attraction programs before making a move. For tips on how to evolve your EVP, read our latest consumer report.

​Salaries are rising. Can you compete?

​High demand is inevitably impacting salaries, with our sales recruiters witnessing a 10- 20% rise in salaries, and a spike in counteroffers as organisations attempt to win back and retain talent looking to make a move. Directors, Heads of Channel and National Account Managers are only the beginning of a long list of jobs whose salaries have risen. For advice and strategies to help attract and retain great sales talent, contact our team of recruitment experts.

THE emergence of customer managers.

With the ecommerce boom, sales roles are diversifying. Brands across the consumer and retail sectors are building their omni channel customer experience, resulting in a move away from specialist channel experts, and commercial leaders preferring candidates with some breadth of customer exposure across channels.