Technology Market Insights Report


It’s no secret, information technology jobs are in high demand in Australia. Developers, Cyber Security specialists, and Data Scientists are only the beginning of a long list of critical tech skills that are in short supply.

It has been a pivotal year for Technology, with the artificial intelligence movement accelerating digital transformation. Businesses need to stay informed to stay competitive.

In this report, our Six Degrees Executive Tech experts explore the current and future trends in the technology talent market. Leave with practical advice and market salary insights to remain competitive in your market, and from a business point of view, to attract and recruit top talent in a tech skills shortage.

Insights on the current Technology job market:


  • A competitive, candidate-driven market

  • Tech in the public sector

  • In-demand roles reflect organisations' tech priorities

  • The rise in contractor employment

  • Finding future technology leaders

  • Advice for hiring top tech talent in a competitive market

  • Salary insights

A competitive, candidate-driven market
Demand for tech professionals remains strong as businesses need help digitising their operations after the pandemic pushed people away from face-to-face interactions and moved them towards online services.​

Tech in the public sector
The Albanese Government in recognition of the importance of tech jobs to the overall economic advancement, national security, and better social cohesion, have committed to achieving 1.2 million tech related jobs in Australia by 2030.

In-demand roles reflect organisations' tech priorities
Technology is advancing at an incredible pace. The role technology professionals play within organisations is evolving to a greater extent than ever before. Employers are​ therefore recruiting tech talent who not only fulfil a specific need of today but have the flexibility to adapt to any future change.​

The rise in contractor employment
Our clients are increasingly seeing contractors as a key element of their ongoing recruitment strategies rather than an ad-hoc or stop-gap solution. Hiring contractors comes with many benefits for employers including reduced risk, budget flexibility amid ongoing market volatility.

Finding future technology leaders
While hiring managers work to fill their technical workforce, a technology leadership gap is emerging which will impact an organisation’s ability to​ move forward into a digital future.​

Advice for hiring top tech talent in a competitive market
Organisations hoping to attract passive candidates should keep in​ mind that an offer needs to be very compelling to tempt a technology professional who is happy in​ their role and working on exciting projects.​