Taking the next steps

ready to take the next steps?

Have you ever been in a role and felt stuck? Perhaps there was no upward movement, or your drive to succeed in that industry had dissipated? You’re not alone - and making the big career change doesn’t have to be as scary as you think. It can be hard not knowing what your next career move should be. However, you can get started by answering some important questions listed in our 'Steps to the next steps' template. This simple exercise can help you to take time to reflect on yourself, your life, your needs, your past and what your future could be.

Choosing a career can be daunting, as it’s ingrained in us that the career we choose at the start of our working life is the one we’ll finish in. But this is no longer the case – with five to seven career changes in a lifetime being the average for Australians.

If you’re ready, contact Six Degrees Executive and let’s take the next step together! Our recruitment specialists will help you find a role that's suited to you.