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Resume template

A professional format to create your resume 

It's important to ensure your resume includes all the right information about your career, is easy to read, and presents you as a quality candidate to potential employers. Designed by Australian recruitment professionals who read thousands of CVs every year, our sample resume template helps you format your resume in a simple, professional layout with all the right information.

Did you know your resume template needs to be in the right format so it can be read by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)? When you apply for job opportunities, your resume will be scanned into our job application system ready for our recruiters to read. Recruitment consultants read a lot of resumes every day, so it pays to present your resume professionally, in the right format, with all the right inclusions, to have the best chance of securing your next role.

The Six Degrees Executive resume template is a free Word document (.docx) you can download and use to build your job-winning resume. The template includes tips and tricks on what to include in your resume and how to write your resume to ensure your next job application hits the mark. You can also read more articles and advice from recruiters on our blog to help you build and tailor your resume for each career opportunity.