"Conversations on Courage"; taking risks and living boldly

By Suzie McInerney

Published on 29-10-2013

Six Degrees event

Last week Six Degrees hosted an event for 70 of our executive female candidates and clients, where we invited Margie Warrell to lead a series of “Conversations on Courage”.

Margie is a bestselling author, Forbes columnist, leadership coach and a truly inspirational woman.  She is the founder of Global Courage and is passionate about empowering women to become stronger leaders within their organisations, community and society.

Margie spoke about her childhood on a dairy farm as the oldest of seven children, raised by Catholic parents who would have been content with her becoming a nun! Margie had bigger ideas. Her beginnings in country Australia have meant she has remained down to earth, with a great sense of humour and passion for making the most of life.

The highlight of the evening was the Q&A session led by Margie, where guests shared their stories and thoughts on everything, from the role men play in empowering women in leadership roles, to quotas, to taking risks and wearing spanx for confidence.

The key takeout’s for me, and there were many, were:

  • Be brave, take risks; you don't want to look back and have regrets about what you didn't do
  • Even if you're afraid, have the hard conversations. Use courage!
  • Be prepared to fail and stop worrying what everyone thinks of you; "what everyone else thinks of you is none of your business!"
  • Be kind to yourself

I left the evening, and I’m sure many would agree, feeling emboldened, confident and courageous with a revived gusto for my own professional and personal development.

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